Safe NORDIC 622U black LaptopSafe med strömuttag

    Produktnummer: 28650 - Beställningsvara
    SEK 1 695,- SEK 1 695,-

    Technical specifications

    (Excluded Reception Office and Royal)
    •Door laser cut, thickness 6 mm (except for Visual line models)
    •Body of adequate thickness
    •Completely opening of the door
    •Emergency mechanical opening (for electronic models)
    •Digital motorized lock
    •Cylindrical bolts diameter 17 mm
    •Back and base anchoring holes for an easy installation
    •Epoxy coating, scratch proof and corrosion proof
    •Internal carpet on the base
    •Powering through alkaline batteries type AA – 1,5 V (not included)
    •User code from 3 to 6 digits
    •Automatic user code erasing every time the door is open
    •Master code: 6 digits
    •Automatic keyboard block after 3 faulty code entries
    •Low batteries signal (on the display and acoustic)
    •Non volatile memory: the codes set remain in the memory during battery change
    •Colour grey metallized

    Wight: 14,3 kg.
    Volum: 23,3 liter.
    Size: 46x38x20cm